Women’s Health During Pregnancy and Motherhood

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Pregnancy is a turning point in a woman’s life.

Aside from opening the door to the joys of motherhood, it’s also a strong motivator for a positive lifestyle change. In an attempt to experience a smooth delivery and healthy baby, many women alter their lifestyle to support the growing life they have within.

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The Importance of Physical Health

The World Health Organization states that uncontrolled loss of blood, infection, hypertension, dangerous termination of pregnancies, and obstructed labor are the common reasons for pregnancy issues or maternal death.

Many of these can be easily prevented.

Women should focus on fitness and cardiovascular health to reduce the potential for blood loss and infection. Additionally, they should attempt to quit smoking to reduce blood pressure and fetal complications, along with a healthy diet rich in iron for a stronger immune system and to combat anemia.

These are just a few of the driving factors why women opt for a lifestyle change during pregnancy.

In many Asian cultures, the mother values their baby above all else, and all decisions during pregnancy are for the baby’s well-being. Whereas in the West, there’s a clear separation between motherhood and career, and major decisions consider both facets of a woman’s identity.

What is consistent across cultures, though, is the intertwined relationship of physical and mental health. The sustainability of positive lifestyle changes hinge on the mother’s mental health, and her access to a reliable support system.

A Mother’s Mental Health Post-Pregnancy

This study about mothers adopting a healthy lifestyle found that it was hard to keep positive lifestyle changes after delivery.

As new mothers adapt to life with a newborn, this time coincides with their support system’s change in direction – focusing on the baby rather than the mother. Many women then put their own health and wellness on hold after childbirth to focus on the baby’s constant needs.

• Experiences of Women Across All Cultures Says One Thing

Changing a lifestyle hinges on the support of their immediate social network, particularly their partners.
Without proper support, once a mother sees her health as separate from her baby’s, she’s more likely to return to comfortable habits to cope with the stresses of motherhood.

One study participant shares that her partner played an important role for her to continue exercising. Laughingly, she recalls him setting up her exercise machine when she got home, giving her no reason to avoid her daily dose.

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• Pregnancy is a Turning Point in a Woman’s Life

For many women, there is no stronger motivator for change than the health of their baby and their future as a mother.

But one cannot rely on motivation alone to fuel a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to women’s health during pregnancy and motherhood, discipline and a reliable support system is the key to success.


Women’s health during pregnancy and motherhood is a crucial aspect that deserves utmost attention and care. The importance of physical health cannot be overstated, with a focus on fitness, cardiovascular health, and a healthy diet playing pivotal roles in preventing pregnancy complications and maternal deaths.

Ultimately, pregnancy marks a turning point in a woman’s life, serving as a powerful motivator for positive change.. By prioritizing physical and mental health and fostering a network of support, women can confidently embrace their roles as mothers and lead fulfilling, healthy lives for themselves and their children.

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